justices expected to reject postponing on health care reform challenge

The Supreme Court’s hearing Monday on whether it is proper for the justices to rule on the Affordable Care Act at this time generated extensive television, print and online coverage. Media analysts last night and this morning largely agree that the case will almost certainly move forward, as both the Administration and the plaintiffs have requested. While the three networks devoted more time to the hearing than any other topic — more than 12 minutes in total — the Trayvon Martin case was the chief topic of debate during the primetime hours on the cable news channels last night.

Much of the coverage last night and this morning focuses on the legal arguments made yesterday, as opposed to the likely political repercussions of the court’s eventual ruling. However, the CBS Evening News (3/26, lead story, 4:15, Pelley) and the New York Times (3/27, A17, Sussman, Cooper, Phillips, Subscription Publication) both have reports on their new poll that found 47% of the public disapproves of the ACA as a whole, while 36% approves. The poll also found large majorities support individual aspects of the ACA, including the ban on denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions, which had the support of 85% of respondents.

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