CDHP Dilemma

Are consumer-driven health plans the magic bullet employers seeking to control benefits costs?

Consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) have drawn significant attention across the corporate landscape over the past five years – and with good reason. The CDHP model is designed to encourage employees to make informed decisions about their treatment when they become sick or injured, as well as shoulder greater financial responsibility for their care. This interest has caused CDHPs to become the second most popular plan design with employees.

But CDHPs may not be a magic bullet. Concerns exist as to whether they generate savings for employers even though they contain savings accounts and high deductibles – elements that are widely viewed as vital to the success of the health care consumerism movement.


  •        Regional differences and disparities among employers
  •        Employer annual funding-level comparisons
  •        Up to 30 percent reduction in health care expenses
  •        Effects of the consumerism movement and wellness

This white paper addresses each of these key issues and more — and provides employers insights from the largest and most comprehensive health plan benchmarking survey in the nation.

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