Wellness Cost Containment Strategies

Are you looking for health care cost-containment strategies that won’t stress the health of your organization?

The level of concern regarding health care costs among top decision makers in organizations of all sizes is the highest experienced in the past seven years. With the expectation that costs will continue to rise, employers are looking for alternative ways to reduce costs rather than increasing cost sharing, trimming employee benefits, or eliminating health insurance for employees altogether.

Because cost sharing and cutting benefits can put a great deal of stress on both the organization and its employees, employers are gradually shifting to constructive alternatives to help control the cost of health insurance. Yet many are slow to adopt one of the most obvious cost-containment strategies: wellness programs.


  •        Low- to no-cost programs
  •        Strategies to fit any size organization and budget
  •        Employee participation levels as high as 65% – 95%
  •        Potential ROI of 1:2.5 – 1:6.5

This white paper addresses each of these key issues and provides employers insights from the UBA Health Plan Survey, the largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey in the nation. 

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