At Brinson Benefits, we have a clear internal brand mission—We grow winning teams. This mission embodies our commitment to improve the lives and market value of our people. It is our culture to invest in “growing winners” that develop great performers and amazing people in our organization. Brinson Benefits is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

director of client services

Are you……

  • A proactive problem solver who is self-confident when driving towards a goal?
  • Do you like to bring order and structure to organizations for optimum outcomes?
  • An efficient leader who thrives under pressure?
  • Quick paced, time sensitive and enjoy project oriented?
  • A fact-based communicator who enjoys challenging your team?

At Brinson Benefits, we’re a collection of analytical and creative types with a healthy dose of “industry rebel”.  So, we’re looking for a Director of Client Services who is an experienced game changer and someone who wants to lead from their strengths.  If this sounds like you, keep reading.

senior benefit analyst

Are you……

  • An expert in the field of employee benefits?
  • A logic based, process oriented, and no-nonsense analytical type?
  • Able to convert complex data into charts and graphs using excel?
  • Effective in deadline management utilizing your own “virtual” checklist?

client patient advocate and health insurance guru

Are you……

  • knowledgeable about health insurance plans?
  • a fact-based communicator who cares about making sure patients are treated fairly by insurance companies?
  • someone who enjoys winning medical claim appeals?
  • looking for a stable, consistent and harmonious place to belong?