brinson academy

Brinson Academy, the educational initiative of Brinson Benefits, seeks to offer high quality training and development courses for a company’s leadership and operational roles. While providing employee benefit solutions, we were consistently asked to help provide quality training for their leadership and staff. And because education is central to our value proposition and resonated with our service beliefs, in late 2014, Brinson Benefits launched Brinson Academy, christening its maiden voyage with a leadership development program.

We believe that the best employee benefits benefit both employee and the employer, and similar to medical or long-term disability benefits, education is a benefit that should be highly valued. When done well, we see our clients’ people development initiatives becomes their #1 employee benefit. Brinson Academy is designed to provide professional training, continuing educational credits, development seminars and unique learning experiences for employees of all levels. New programs and instructors are continually added to meet real needs for real businesses.

We hope to see you in class soon!


Brinson Academy is underwritten by Brinson Benefits, Inc. as part of 
a commitment towards the development of our clients and community.

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