About brinson benefits

How Brinson Benefits got started: Our founder’s story.

Brinson Benefits is a leading employee benefits advisory and patient advocacy firm.

Our mission is to help you improve your company’s culture. We take your benefit programs from a necessary evil, to a meaningful differentiator.  Our passion is to build award-winning benefit strategies that make a real difference in your business.  Sound a little esoteric?  Think again. Our measures for success are rock-solid.

We measure our success in the following areas:

  1. Cost Control – To what extent are you experiencing reasonable (single-digit) renewal options each year?
  2. Communication – Do your employees see you as a great place to work?  Do they know what is unique about your company, culture and values?
  3. Advocacy – Who is the advocate for your employees when it comes to quality health care delivery?  What about claims and provider billing accuracy?
  4. Compliance – How does your company’s HR department mitigate compliance risks?
  5. Efficiency – Now is the time to manage HR differently.  Have you improved efficiencies?  Have you reduced unnecessary expenses?  Does your HR department actively use Lean Six Sigma Principles?


Brinson Benefits