Our Services

brokerage and consulting services

Our brokerage and consulting services are unmatched by others in our industry. With our process, The Optimizer® we educate employers on the components that determine plan costs, and control premium increases.  If you are looking for a regular employee benefits advisory firm, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Learn how Brinson Benefits isn’t like any other firm you’ve ever worked with.

advocacy services

At Brinson Benefits, we are passionate about representing the patient’s best interest. Our Patient Advocates at The Purple Card® work hard to resolve grievances with providers and insurers.

communication services

Intuitively, a great benefit program attracts and retains top talent within your firm. However, not so intuitive is the impact of poor communication regarding your program. Specific and effective communication is critical when a prospective employee inquires about benefits or while conducting annual and open enrollment meetings. Brinson knows that a key ingredient for an employee to value their benefits is tailor-made experiences and materials specifically designed to communicate the value, navigation and interaction within your benefit offerings.

Whether gaining insight through individual or team assessments and coaching, or providing customized materials to clearly communicate to your employees about their benefits, Brinson believes communication is key.

compliance services

Avoid the bite of liability with our compliance services. Employers who take a careless approach to compliance expose themselves to large fines and potential lawsuits. Our dedicated compliance team is committed to keeping you on the straight and narrow.  Check out our ACA Reporting Services and compliance resources. 

education services

We believe that the best employee benefits benefit both employee and the employer, and similar to medical or long-term disability benefits, education is a benefit that should be highly valued. When done well, we see our clients’ people development initiatives becomes their #1 employee benefit. Brinson Academy is designed to provide professional training, continuing educational credits, development seminars and unique learning experiences for employees of all levels. New programs and instructors are continually added to meet real needs for real businesses.

efficiency services

Our online enrollment technology simplifies the benefits administration process. Once employees enter the necessary data for enrollment, the data is then distributed to vendors with one transmission.

hr services

Brinson Benefits provides HR solutions that include both access to senior HR professionals and an online library of attorney-reviewed tools, guidelines and forms. BrinsonHR‘s subscription services provides you with immediate access to the information you need to stay compliant and up to date. 

enhanced benefits

Enhanced Benefits are benefits offered by you, the employer, through the workplace where employees can choose to buy them in addition to your current benefit offering.  They are designed to help employees take care of some of the out-of-pocket costs that major medical plans typically don’t cover.  NO DIRECT COST TO YOU THE EMPLOYER!

legal expertise for labor & employment matters

We provide the gateway to several legal resources for labor and employment matters. Brinson Benefits’ legal counsel is onsite and has defended several class action suits for employment and commercial disputes. Additionally, we have access to discounted legal resources at a national firm, with more than 180 attorneys and 17 offices across the country.

actuarial services

Brinson Benefits offers Fortune 500 Actuarial Services for the mid-sized employer. We ensure that you are buying the best levels of benefit protection, congruent with today’s insurance prices.

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