At Brinson Benefits, we care about the patient’s best interest. We believe the patient should have an available healthcare navigator and advocate. Our Patient Advocates at The Purple Card® are highly trained to educate members about available benefit programs. They work hard to resolve issues with providers and insurers.

Our Patient Advocates:

  • Help patients locate in-network providers or physicians
  • Recover claim underpayments
  • Answer questions about prescriptions
  • Assist with enrollment delays
  • Settle balance bills from hospitals
  • Assist patients with overwhelming paperwork

Claims recovery is big business at Brinson Benefits. In 2020, The Purple Card resolved more than 9,000 benefit-related issues and patient inquiries. As a result, our Patient Advocates audited more than $1.9 million in claims that were suspected of being mistakenly denied, delayed or billed in error. Our Patient Advocates recovered nearly $700,000 of the $1.9 million in audited claims.

Our advocacy services save employees and HR professionals a great deal of money, time and frustration.

Brinson Benefits