Advocacy in Action | Resolving Unexpected Bills

Maria got a bill that was not expected…over $300 not expected! She checked her accounts and could not find anything showing that her insurance processed that service. To make matters worse, the provider notified her that her coverage had terminated!

The Purple Card to the rescue! Her dedicated Patient Advocate got in touch with her provider. This caused the bill to be reprocessed and stopped the billing attempts till resolved. Maria was quite relieved that she was not going to have to pay over $300!

You are so super awesome! And you will never know just how much I appreciate everything you do for me! 

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At Brinson Benefits, we care about the patient’s best interest. We believe the patient should have an available healthcare navigator and advocate. Our Patient Advocates at The Purple Card® are highly trained to educate members about available benefit programs. They work hard to resolve issues with providers and insurers.

The Purple Card® is an independent health care advocacy and assistance service. Our Patient Advocates provide time and cost-saving services to resolve concerns about benefit programs. We not only assist our members, we educate them on ways to maximize health care coverage and other available benefit programs.