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Brinson Benefits helps mid-market companies transform their employee benefit programs from a necessary evil to a meaningful differentiator.

The Optimizer

The Optimizer is the leverage creator for clients — a proprietary methodology that expands perspective, elevates performance and transforms your employee benefit programs from a necessary evil into a meaningful differentiator.

Real optimization and enduring transformation requires a lasting commitment.  We, therefore, only work with clients committed to investing the time necessary for us to fully understand their situation and desired outcomes.

Before taking on a new client, we invest in a 3 to 6 month process (shown as phases 1 and 2 below) designed to foster relationships with senior leadership and promote a deep understanding of a client’s business.  Only if there is a clear, mutual fit, will we begin an engagement.  Following our comprehensive Discovery Workshop, we design and deliver a customized map called The Blueprint.  The Blueprint lays out a comprehensive plan for optimizing your benefit plans, your people and your Human Resource operations.

The Optimizer serves as the foundation of Brinson’s solutions.  The model addresses a full spectrum of areas relevant to mid-market companies looking to improve performance in the areas of cost management, compliance, advocacy, communication, operational efficiency and health management.

As illustrated in the table below, new competencies and a new mindset are required for an organization to make the move to succeeding: The central challenge for mid-market companies is making the shift from scrambling to succeeding. Few organizations effectively navigate this transition due to what Brinson refers to as “Benefit Blunders” – the “winning strategies” you followed as a smaller organization to manage your employee benefit programs are the very strategies that are now sabotaging your success. Additionally, mid-market organizations are sometimes limited by a number of factors, including: technical experience, infrastructure limitations, poor understanding of key financial drivers, and a reliance on the wrong resources to solve problems.

Scrambling Succeeding
Reactive Proactive
Don’t have time to plan Planning frees up time
Benefits renewal focus Benefits results focus
Higher costs Lower costs
Benefits viewed as necessary evil Benefits viewed as meaningful differentiator
Employer of chance Employer of choice

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