Dear HR Manager from Stepping on my Toes

Dear HR Manager from Stepping on my Toes

Dear HR Manager,

One of my employees is infringing on my responsibilities. He emails directives to the department without my approval. Sometimes the information is incorrect and sends the team into a tizzy. At other times, it is correct but outside of his domain. What do I do?

– Stepping On My Toes

Dear Stepping On My Toes,

This situation is tricky. On the one hand, you have an employee eager to help with communications. But, on the other hand, you have incorrect information reaching a large group of people.

What an ideal coaching opportunity!

Work with your employee to harness this excitement around communications and mentor him on the appropriate process. Provide feedback to him about the repercussions of distributing inaccurate information. Ask questions to gauge his interest in communications as a development area. If he is interested in growing in this area, partner with him to outline an approval process that includes you as a critical stop along the way.

– HR Manager

Originally featured in UBA’s February 2023 HR Elements Newsletter.

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