Workplace Culture | How to Laugh More at Work

Workplace Culture | How to Laugh More at Work

While there is no rule book for building an employee-centric culture, there is proof to show that sharing a laugh at work can help your team feel that they are included and belong.

Research shows that humor lightens the mood in stressful situations, makes people want to be around you, and brings colleagues closer through shared emotions.

Humor connects employees from all experience levels, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Here are a few recommendations to unite your team by bringing humor into the workplace.

Be authentic.

Everyone is funny in their own unique way. Your humor may be different from those around you. Some individuals embrace the art of puns or bad “dad jokes,” while others look for a giggle in everyday happenings. There is no one size fits all. Embrace your kind of funny.

Are you curious about what type of humor comes naturally to you? Take this humor quiz.

Be collaborative.

Good humor is often a result of playing off other people in the room. A good technique to do this is to use the “yes, and” framework from improv to build on what was previously said. Look for opportunities to take a funny moment one step further or refer to an earlier laugh. As an added benefit, teams that laugh together are more engaged and produce more creative work. And that makes everyone smile.

Be aware.

Research shows that people appreciate a light-hearted moment if it is not hurtful to those around them. Teasing or jokes at others’ expense do not go well in a corporate environment. While self-deprecating humor can produce a chuckle, avoid overusing this technique.

Work is a prime environment to bring on the laughs. So, tell that joke or share that funny story. Your relationships will prosper, and your colleagues will enjoy being around you.

Originally featured in UBA’s December 2022 HR Elements Newsletter.


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